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$SPYON Genesis

Spring 2020, the new era of crypto, DeFi, revives in the eyes of all the world of crypto-currencies, after sinking in 2017, with this upsurge of new investors, a bunch of scammers saw again the day maintaining the ideals of easy money before exit-scam, ruggpull the entirety of investors having trusted them to these hucksters ....

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the $SPYON community awakening

... of these dreams, ambitions of wealth gone in smoke, the ashes could have remained only ashes but a community rose, they are called $PYON ...

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One Community, one mission

... fervent believer that blockchain and crypto-currencies will shape their life in a near future,they felt invested of the mission to make crypto-currencies and blockchain ecosystem healthier, and sure for their early adopter so that it can be globally accepted and used in the years to come, the $SPYON token is the result of this ambition ...

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall. Whether we remain the ash or become the Phoenix is up to us.
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4 minutes - The story of $PYON Presale

4 min is the time it took to reach the hard cap of 25bnb of the unicrypt presale, the $SPYON team did not expect such a success ... it also proved that we were not the only victims of ruggpull, exit scam and that there is a real issue around the DYOR of investors to which $PYON aims to propose a solution in the near future

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$SPYON Token & Tokenomics

$SPYON is a ownerless deflationnary token with frictionless reward, each sale is subject to a 5% tax (2.5% Burn, 2.5% redistributed to Holders) to reward $SPION holders by maintaining an bullish pressure.

Some image Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, watch $SPYON. The cosmos is within us. $SPYON is made of star-stuff.
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$SPYON Core Application - Q2 2021

Development of $SPYON core application, it will allow each holder to take the temperature of a project by aggregating several sources of information in 1 place following the 3 clicks rule:

- Access and analysis of all tokenomics of the desired project

- Automatic evaluation of the durability of the code, tracking down flaws and application of good practices advised by the Ethereum, Open Zeppelin, Safemath docs...

- Analysis of crypto sentiment on social networks through the use of natural language processing algorithms

To this we have thought of 3 other ideas that we will share with you in the coming weeks Please note that we are listening to the community, and if you want to develop a feature do not hesitate to shoot a DM to the admins to evaluate its feasibility and incorporate it in the application

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END Q2 2021 - an eternity for the impatient

End of Q2 is a long time, an eternity even in the Crypto world we know it, we live it every single day, to mitigate the sudden change in price that could make some investors wary, 3 systems could allow us to mitigate this ...

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. You can't stop loss from happening but you can avoid big loss by being scammed $SPYON is the beginning of something great, something necessary and imperative for crypto investors Some image
$SPYON is the light, the sun, and all the stars guiding you to the moon smoothly.
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Marketing Punch

The ambition of $SPYON is to develop a tool that will be used by the largest number of people, announcements, contests, progress of the project will participate in this marketing but will not be enough, we will also need the help of our community to relay our auditing service and the solution that we will propose in the coming months for the holders of $PYON, finally AMA, Partnership with crypto project or crypto influencers will be organized to allow as many people as possible to hear about Spy On Crypto.

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Burn Mecanism

60% of the total supply has been burned to thank the early investors of $SPYON, and 26% of the total supply remains to be burned, these burns will be performed randomly on a monthly basis

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Buyback System

Well aware that the bullish pressure can not be held only by the smart contract mechanisms, announcements, listings or arrival of new investors after AMA we decided to maintain this bullish pressure, by integrating a buyback system. Each month between 50% and 75% of funds from audits will be added to the liquidity, the delta of 15% will be subject to a vote to know if these funds could be used to make exotic investments to trade and maximize even more $SPYON liquidity pool at m+1 to fully take advantage of the bull market As the burn mecanism these buyback will intervene in a random way to prevent potential whales to massively unload their bag on the pool, the price and in fine on the new investors who would share our vision.